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The full-line pharmaceutical wholesale trade plays a key part within the healthcare system. It is the hub for the distribution of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, medical products, homeopathics, cosmetics, care products, etc.

It is our goal to safeguard the high quality, safety and hygiene standards of the industry and to ensure full supply coverage and careful maintenance of stocks.

This task can only be fulfilled through comprehensive know-how and continued development in the fields of technology and logistics.

Our members are consistently pursuing their healthcare policy, commercial and social missions and make a significant contribution to the efficient, nation-wide supply of all patients.

Additional benefits for our customers

The full-line pharmaceutical wholesale trade offers its customers, in particular pharmacies, much more than just its core logistical services.

Our member companies are central suppliers of Austrian pharmacies as far as their requirements regarding equipment and consumables. Our range of available products includes a broad variety of items, from laboratory or formulation processing equipment, packaging materials to large-scale equipment such as pharmaceutical refrigerators and safety cabinets.

We also assist our members when it comes to selecting the best pharmacy hardware and software (evaluations, statistics), offer comprehensive trainings programs, support as well as reliable, personal field sales guidance. Whether it's category management, point-of-sale support, loyalty programs or marketing ideas - wholesalers offer their pharmacy clients a multitude of tools to increase their success.

Via a subsidiary (www.datacare.at) the Austrian full-line pharmaceutical wholesale trade offers pharmacies a joint ordering system. By means of this system, they can re-order packs of pharmaceuticals automatically, swiftly and easily independently from their suppliers.

Every support activity is specifically geared to individual pharmacies, taking account their particular circumstances and customised to their own day-to-day business.

Additional benefits for our suppliers

We assist our suppliers through our close-knit customer network, providing information logistics and call-centres as well as even support and consulting services when it comes to building start-up inventories, marketing services and much more.

Furthermore, our member companies offer additional services in the fields of stockpiling, transport and logistics as pre-wholesalers for the international pharmaceutical industries.

Key Figures


  • Approx. 50.000 items in stock
  • Approx. 6 million warehouse accesses per month



  • Approx. 2000 employees
  • Approx. 2000 suppliers



  • Approx. 15.000 calls per day
  • Approx. 20 million packs delivered monthly

Our Subsidiary

Datacare assists us in the automation pr ordering processes between pharmacies and wholesalers.