• Kleinlaster mit Arzneimittelkisten

    Unser engmaschiges Logistiknetzwerk ist für die lückenlose Versorgung Österreichs mit Arzneimitteln notwendig.


The pharmaceutical wholesale trade also excels due to its logistics know-how and fast response times.

On average, we supply pharmacies all over Austria three times a day, or even more often when emergency deliveries are called for.

Austria's topography presents a special challenge when compared to other counties; nevertheless, we are able to guarantee the supply of very even remote areas. We are particularly proud of our low error rate while maintaining stringent cost optimisation measures.

As traders and distributors, our member companies play a vital part in buffering regional, quantitative and time-related fluctuations in demand, a role that is essential to guarantee supply quality.

Adequate stockpiling helps mitigate or even avoid supply shortages resulting from loss of production or peaks in demand.