• Automatischer Lagerzugriff

    Modernste Technologie garantiert die hohe Versorgungssicherheit an Arzneimitteln für ganz Österreich.

Reliable Supply

State-of-the-art technology ensures a reliable pharmaceuticals supply for the whole of Austria.

Thanks to comprehensive stockpiling and inventory planning including over 50,000 pharmaceutical products, the pharmaceutical wholesale trade guarantees nationwide stockpiling and reliable supply during emergencies.

Our crisis management team is always prepared to respond swiftly to natural disasters and epidemics (floods, bird flu, earthquakes, etc.) and to ensure the supply of Austria's population.

Additionally, we ensure the short-term availability of rare drugs (also from abroad) as well as the prompt delivery of urgently needed pharmaceutical products.

Our optimised infrastructure makes for an efficient batch and returns management; goods past their expiration date are disposed in an environmentally compatible manner while recalls are handled efficiently and reliably.