• Hochregallager

    Wir sind das Vorratslager für 50.000 verschiedene Artikel, um die uneingeschränkte Belieferung Österreichs mit Arzneimitteln auch im Notfall aufrecht zu erhalten.


As the pharmaceutical wholesale trade also has a stockpiling role to play when it comes to pharmaceuticals and other healthcare products, it is able to ensure a fast and a secure supply of pharmaceutical products for the whole of Austria.

This external warehousing capacity is extremely important for pharmacies because there are numerous pharmaceutical products for which only a small demand exists on the part of patients.

We are able to deliver more than 70,000 different products to any part of Austria, 24 hours a day.

Pharmacies can rely on the fast responses and the full-line range of products stockpiled by the pharmaceutical wholesale trade. In this manner, it ensures that pharmacies can provide a high-quality pharmaceuticals supply without the need to maintain large warehousing spaces of their own.

Stockpiling by our members therefore helps the Austrian healthcare system save product distribution and warehousing costs.