• Every day, call centre employees are accepting a total of 15,000 calls. About two thirds of all orders are already handled by our automatic ordering system.

  • Phago Regal mit Medikamenten

    More than 50,000 products by over 2,000 suppliers are kept in stock by our members.

  • Phago Fließband

    Our members' employees manage over 6 million warehouse accesses per month.

  • Phago Expedit

    There are more than 2,000 employees working in our businesses.

  • Apothekerin mit Medikament

    Every month, we deliver more than 20 million packs of pharmaceuticals to pharmacies all over Austria.

Austrian Association of Full-Line Pharmaceutical Wholesalers PHAGO

PHAGO (formerly ARGE Pharmazeutika) is the voluntary-membership special interest group of the Austrian full-line pharmaceutical wholesale trade, looking after the political und commercial interests of its member companies within the applicable statutes and regulations.

PHAGO advocates a sensible further development of the Austrian distribution system with its present orientation towards the principle of full supply coverage by the pharmaceutical wholesale trade as well as the preservation of statutory framework conditions as applicable to public pharmacies. PHAGO member companies are full-line pharmaceutical wholesalers within the meaning of Art. 2 (3) of the Pharmaceutical Products Act (PPA):

"Full-line pharmaceutical wholesalers are wholesalers of pharmaceutical products who, due to a sufficiency of stockpiled items, an appropriate range of products as well as a suitable supply readiness, regularity and intensity, are capable of ensuring the supply of pharmaceuticals within a given region in accordance with Art. 57."

In keeping with this principle, the PHAGO member companies maintain a full, manufacturer-neutral range of products geared to the demands and needs of Austrian patients while at the same time guaranteeing a high supply capacities and readiness. To this end, the seven PHAGO member companies have created a comprehensive, extremely efficient, reliable and fast-response supply network currently consisting of 24 facilities and covering the entire territory of Austria. Thanks to this network, approximately 50,000 pharmaceutical products as well as medical sideline and ancillary items purchased from almost 2,000 (pharmaceutical) suppliers can be delivered to over 1,300 public pharmacies on time and in line with their demands.

Consequently, they are ensuring Austria's reliable supply with pharmaceutical products by public pharmacies.

Umbrella Organisation

We are members of GIRP (Groupement International de la Repartition Pharmaceutique), the European umbrella organization of pharmaceutical full-line wholesalers.


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