In good times and in bad:
We are the pharmaceutical suppliers!


We are the ones who make sure that medicines, medical devices and Covid vaccines get to where they are needed.

From the north-easternmost part of Lower Austria to the very west in Vorarlberg. As the backbone of the Austrian pharmaceutical supply, we five full wholesalers take care of the planning, processing and delivery of over 200 million packages that have to be brought to the pharmacy by the pharmaceutical manufacturers every year.

The "Full" in our title stands for "fully sorted" and is therefore a quality mark.

What we do - at a glance
National stock of medicines

In the 23 warehouse locations of the PHAGO operations, we store more than 40,000 different items for the Austrian population and deliver more than 200 million medicines annually.

Important quantity balancing

The demand for medicines is very volatile and requires high flexibility. We can compensate for short-term drug shortages with our stockpiles.

Time as a key factor

Within 2 hours, we can supply any of the more than 1,400 pharmacies with the necessary medicines for their patients, even on Saturdays and on window and public holidays.

Resource-saving bundling

One delivery from the full wholesaler to the pharmacy brings together an average of over 100 packs from different manufacturers, ensuring highly efficient delivery without extra kilometres.

Strong partners

As strong partners, we support pharmacies economically with, among other things, payment terms until they receive the money from the health insurance fund, but also with guarantees or trade credits.

Safety factor in the pandemic

Especially in times of the pandemic, a secure supply of medicines is needed in the background. In addition, we have set up the special storage and delivery of all Corona vaccines ordered for Austria during this time.